Knowledge Exchange Internships

Teesside University has an excellent reputation for offering practical and results-driven solutions for business. Our Knowledge Exchange Internships give you a unique chance to engage with academic and specialist experts, with part-funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Benefits to you

  • Gives you access to the latest thinking and expertise from Teesside University to solve your technical and business
    challenges and improve performance and productivity
  • Encourages enterprise and innovation in your workplace, in turn improving competitiveness
  • Utilises knowledge exchange to create enterprising and innovative employees and organisations
  • Embeds new knowledge and skills linked to best practice and leading edge techniques and know-how
  • Enables you to recruit a recent graduate with support from Teesside University
  • Helps your business to engage with the Tees Valley’s innovation super network developing a long term relationship with Teesside University

Knowledge Exchange Internships

A talented graduate mentored by a University specialist or industry expert with relevant expertise drives forward a project for your organisation. This combination of fresh thinking and hugely valuable experience and expertise can
bring cutting-edge benefits to your business. Knowledge Exchange Internships are flexible, lasting from 6 – 12 months according to your organisation’s needs.

Graduate Placements

Alternatively, your company can recruit a capable graduate, supported by Teesside University, to take on a new role in your organisation to help contribute to your company’s growth and development. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund for 6 months, and with flexible start dates, this additional talent helps you turn ideas into growth opportunities.

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